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The Seven Day Switch by Kelly Harms ePub PDF

The Seven Day Switch by Kelly Harms ePub PDF free download – Step one: Get up early. Really, really early. If your kids need to be at school at, say, 8:06 a.m., and you want to be at work as soon as humanly possible after that, then get up at five. Five thirty at the latest. This means you should go to bed —lights out, no reading, no TV, no sex—at exactly 9:00 p.m. Note: you will never ever achieve this.

Step two: Read a lot of books about good-habit formation, though not at bedtime. (See above.) Listen to them on your commute, if you must. Practice intentional cuing and habit stacking. Make sure you put your pills next to your toothpaste next to your contact lenses next to your antiaging serum. Otherwise you will forget the pills and the serum, because it is very early and you can barely see without your lenses. Only after you have touched all these things can you go have coffee.

Step three: Go back in time to the evening before, and set your grind-and-brew coffee maker to automatically start at 5:00 a.m. Failing this, stare absently at the kitchen wall for four minutes until coffee is ready.

Step four: Drink coffee and make three lunches, two with no vegetables for your children and one with nothing but vegetables for yourself. Put a tiny pouch of Goldfish crackers in your own lunch bag at the last moment and feel rebellious, then wasteful, because some mothers would buy a large bag of Goldfish from Costco and divide them into reusable snack cups themselves.

Step five: Sit in glorious caffeinating silence with your phone for twenty straight minutes. Then rush through a shower before the kids have to get up.

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