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The Secret Recipe for Moving On

The Secret Recipe for Moving On – We’re surrounded by friends, so I need to get him alone. Unfortunately, Hunter and his friend Steve are listening intently to Steve’s phone, trying to pick out new songs that will fit in their a cappella group’s repertoire.

But maybe Hunter isn’t concentrating too hard, because he was just kind of weirdly staring at Brynn Potts as she slathered sunscreen on her arms and legs. Earlier, when I’d swum across the lake and stopped to catch my breath, I’d turned just in time to see him pick up a squealing Brynn and toss her in the lake, which wouldn’t have been a big deal if 1) Brynn wasn’t wearing a skimpy bikini and 2) Brynn hadn’t popped out of the water and chased after Hunter, the two of them giggling like crazy.

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