The Screwtape Letters PDF full by C.S Lewis

The Screwtape Letters PDF

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In 1942, English writer CS Lewis published the book “The Screwtape Letter PDF” in which he collected the letters of a great demon named “Screwtape” written for a little devil named “Wormwood” to guide. how to tempt a soul more effectively.

In a coincidence, I also found a military book of demons used to destroy family life. This hand-held military letter is titled, “Vandalizing the Family is Filling His Father’s Water: Successful Tactics” and the author’s name is Scattering. On the occasion of the feast of the Holy Family on December 28, 2008, I would like to dedicate it to you to help you cope with the machinations of the devil that is destroying your family. Please publish the full text of this document even though the language is impolite because I am sure that you do not expect the devil to be polite.

In any war, especially in a spiritual war, the victorious side mastered the tactics and tactics of the enemy. Even those who actively do not foster the stronghold of the family, at least do not let your family fall into the trap of the devil once you know the devil. When preparing this military report, Dispersion did not expect it to fall into our hands.

I shuddered when I read the mail of the dispersed demon. Do not know how many of us have been in the cunning trap of the devil in family life. May God preserve and empower us in the spiritual battle.

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