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The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse

The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse – Arriving at the front entryway, he pulls it open. The breeze wails furiously, yanking it back on its pivots. As he ventures forward, he’s blinded by a frosty whirlwind, yet it’s an alleviation to be outside. The sanatorium frightens him. In spite of the fact that he understands what it will become has portrayed each entryway, window, and light switch of the new lodging right now, he can’t resist the urge to respond to its past, what it used to be. The outside isn’t vastly improved, he thinks, looking up. The unmistakable, rectangular design is mottled with day off. It’s rotting, dismissed the galleries and balustrades, the long veranda, disintegrated and spoiling. A couple of windows are as yet unblemished, however most are blocked, revolting squares of chipboard scarring the façade like sick, unseeing eyes.

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