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The Right Side of Reckless ePub PDF

The Right Side of Reckless ePub PDF free download – When we’d gotten together my sophomore year, I hadn’t cared about his status at our school. He was just some football player everyone wanted to be with or wanted to be; it hadn’t impressed me. But then he started chasing me, ignoring his usual options, showing up around me more often. At first, I told him it was going to take a lot more than him hanging around to wow me, which made him laugh, and he kept at it, little love notes carefully stuffed into my locker, popping up with a single rose or carnation before school or after—the shower of affection wasn’t lost on me. Slowly, I fell for him once and for all. My gaze drifted across my room to my white marble desk, where vase after vase of flowers from him used to sit. Now, there was only the photo of us from last year’s homecoming. When he let his ego go, Troy was amazing—sweet when he wanted to be, and just as stubborn and persistent as well. He was my first boyfriend and my first kiss. It would only make sense if he were my first…first as well. A part of me wanted him to be, but another part just didn’t know.

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