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The Rembrandt Conspiracy by Deron R.Hicks

The Rembrandt Conspiracy by Deron R.Hicks – The men stepped out of the car and paused. The cool night air felt refreshing. A light fog was just beginning to settle in around them, and the mist formed halos of light around the street lamps lining the narrow lane. Sam glanced around. There was no one in sight. He had spent several weeks driving in and around the area at night, so the lack of people was not a surprise—it was an expectation. He knew the area and its patterns well. It was surrounded by two parks and several colleges and universities. At this time of night, it was about as quiet a place as anyone could find in the city—even with the festivities that were currently under way.

Sam recognized every vehicle on the street. The blue van that was always parked across the street at night. The small black car a little farther back down the lane—always parked too far away from the curb—and the white midsize car backed into a short driveway near the intersection.

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