The Rehearsals by Annette Christie ePub PDF free download

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The Rehearsals by Annette Christie ePub PDF

The Rehearsals by Annette Christie ePub PDF free download – These were the words Tom and Megan spoke to each other every New Year’s Eve after kissing at midnight and before running like hell from whatever social event they’d agreed to attend while the rest of the party guests mumble-sang their way through “Auld Lang Syne.” Because every new year all Megan and Tom really wanted to do was hole up in their cozy apartment and spend the night feasting on cheese platters, champagne, and each other. Begin as you mean to go on. It was fitting, then, that these were the first words in Megan’s mind as she opened her eyes the day before her wedding.

The thought was followed swiftly by a mental checklist she swatted away as she remembered that, at this point, all the details fell on the shoulders of the resort’s very capable wedding planner. He was responsible for five weddings this long weekend alone, the September holiday being a popular time for big events, so he could certainly handle the Givens/Prescott affair. Megan luxuriated in the hotel linens for a moment more before swinging her legs around and padding across the chilly hardwood floor. The tile in the bathroom was heated. She made a beeline for it. When her toes got cold, they took forever to warm up again.

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