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The Queen Will Betray You ePub PDF

The Queen Will Betray You ePub PDF free download – IN the captain’s quarters of the pirate ship Gatzal, the princess watched her true love open his eyes. From where she’d lain for the last several hours—on the wood-plank floor, her hand nestled in his—she slipped onto the edge of the bed where he slept. She was careful not to jostle him, as his chest was still raw from having been cleaved nearly in two by a prince’s mad hand, and then carefully mended with a thread, needle, and stinging sagardoa. As the boy’s golden eyes focused on her face, he smiled, dimples winking. “We made it, Ama.” She kissed him then, softly, mindful of his wounds. But her love was stronger than he seemed and put gentle fingers in her auburn hair, pulling her closer, deeper. When they parted, his fingers caressed the side of her face. “Of course we did,” she answered. “A wise pirate once told me love is the most powerful force on earth.” “It is indeed powerful, as it is the only reason I am still here, breathing your air. I do hope our love will readily accept the blood I’ve shed and call it settled, because I doubt I can take much more.”

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