The Psychology of Perfectionism Theory, Research, Applications ePub PDF download

Book Name: The Psychology of Perfectionism Theory, Research, Applications
Author: Joachim Stoeber, (ed.)
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN-10: 9781315536255
Year: 2018
Pages: 395
Language: English
File size: 12 MB
File format: PDF

This landmark text gives an extensive and state-of-the art summary of perfectionism concept, study, and therapy from the previous 25 decades, together with contributions from the leading researchers in the area. The publication examines new notions and viewpoints such as the social disconnection version of perfectionism as well as the two × two version of perfectionism. Additionally, it reviews empirical research, with a unique focus on anxiety, vulnerability, and endurance, and assesses perfectionism in particular populations.

Finally, it considers how perfectionism relates to bodily health and psychophysiological procedures and introduces new methods for successful prevention and therapy. By increasing our comprehension of perfectionism as a intricate character disposition and offering a frame for future explorations, this landmark novel intends to encourage additional research in this discipline.


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