The Power of Now PDF Epub full book by Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now PDF: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

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The Power of Now PDF is written in a concise and profound way, so sometimes we only need to read a single tree or a short paragraph and feel just enough, because indeed we need space to contemplate profound things. that the author came up with. Thanks to the use of contemporary language, “The Power of Now” easily enters the hearts of readers. This book has great power to help you transform suffering and lead you to liberation.

“The Power of Now” will be very useful and pragmatic if you are having difficulties in your personal life, or married life, this book will help you overcome those difficulties, rebuild relationships. Relations are getting better and better. Even this book has the ability to help you realize the dreams, the deepest ambition inside you now. And beyond, “The Power of Now” can help you realize the ultimate purpose of a human being to be aware of what his true nature is.

The Power of now – the world famous work, voted by the New York Times as the best and bestselling book, really practical and useful for the spiritual life of everyone in New Age. The truth that the spiritual master – Eckhart Tolle, conveys in this special work is to analyze the spiritual suffering of human beings that occur constantly when always immersed in the past and not aware. gain the value and power of the Present. When you focus on the present, you will overcome all negative thoughts, find your ego and your spirit will be much more relaxed.

The book is a companion to help you find yourself. You will suddenly discover the valuable values ​​that you yourself have available but you did not realize. The book is a guide for all of us to rediscover the true value of life and feel the inherent beautiful values.

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