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The Outsiders: Eight Unconventional CEOs and Their Radically Rational Blueprint for Success

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The Outsiders shocked the American literary world when it first debuted in 1967, when its author was only 16 years old, the same age as the main characters in the work. Products. Few people know, the first pages of the novel, considered a classic of rebellious youth, were quickly written after what SE Hinton witnessed on her way home from school on that day.

“Sixteen years on the road and I have learned many things. But everything is wrong, not something we want to learn. Sixteen years on the road we see many things. But it was all wrong scenes, not the scenes we wanted to see ”- Johnny’s thoughts“ 16 years old is quiet, has a losing face, thick hair and black eyes that look frightened ” in the moment of fragility before death perhaps speaks of the spirit of The Outsiders.

Like a sharp and sharp slice of the world of young people in the United States in the 1960s of the previous century, a world is simply divided into two areas: East and West, according to the two types of people: Soc ( short for Social – the wealthy high-class kids) and Greaser (young men follow the trend of long hair, greasing, motorbikes and bands), that’s the story told by Ponyboy, an insider, seemingly lost in his ice but never lost the unmistakable personality of a boy born in the East and always proud of himself as Fat.

His parents died in an accident, Ponyboy lived in the care of his two brothers: the eldest brother Darry was always irritable and annoyed while the older brother Sodapop always defended and pampered him in the sweetest way. Unlike his brothers and boys, Ponyboy still goes to school, likes to read books and watch movies, dislikes violence, dislikes aggression but still faces kicking and kicking almost every day, even becoming fall victim to a blow from the Soc.

In a rescue, Ponyboy from “water town” of the Soc, Johnny Cade, the youngest brother in the ice, always worried and panicked, once brutally abused by Soc, became a murderer. The escape of Ponyboy and Johnny forced them to become strangers to themselves when they had to give up the long, oily hair typical of Fat, to live in a state of constant panic and worries. deep, not easy to express.

Those two fugitives did not have to wait long to return to the place where they belonged, but not in the form of the wanted criminals but in the position of the hero, though reluctant but really are – people – heroes – heroes…

Surrounded by a breathless atmosphere of games, fights with a dense concentration of language and street behavior, The Outsiders PDF easily attracts readers with the prejudice of a stance. the system is confused, disoriented, but actually it is closer to an experience of sadness, joy, pain, and happiness; an experience that cannot be returned a second time, an experience that is enough to make one wants to start another thought, another way of life as if it were a new day, completely new…

Not simply stopping at the external descriptions, SE Hinton subtly depicts the deepest corners of each of his characters: it’s a Ponyboy with a pure, dreamy, sometimes overly sensitive soul; it is a sad piece of sad family about Johnny’s heart, Sodapop’s loving, full-heartedness, but never cruel coldness of Dally, Darry…Convergence of the aggressiveness, aggressiveness of the teenage years, the recklessness, recklessness of those who are about to grow up, the less-than-experienced experience of the “dust people”, they are boys among “hundreds of rows” the hundred boys living in the disadvantaged area of ​​the city, the black-eyed boys were startled by their own shadows.

Hundreds of boys probably see the sun go down, watch the stars and yearn for something better. ” It was such a clear line that as soon as Ponyboy began to tell his own story with little faith, “people would understand and it wouldn’t be too hasty to judge a guy based on how much hair oil he applied.”, many readers have been able to recognize and enlighten their youth, soul in it…

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