The Naked Fisherman – Jewel E. Ann ePub PDF download

The Naked Fisherman – Jewel E. Ann

321 Pages – 2021 – 1.4 MB – 652 Downloads – English

The Naked Fisherman – Jewel E. Ann ePub PDF

THE DAY I met the naked fisherman, I was a wholesome eighteen-year-old girl, fresh out of high school with lots of opinions and zero big ideas. The perfect target. I had only heard about men like him through sermons and Bible studies on temptation. However, as I spent the morning packing, I was unaware of his existence. I should have embraced the final few hours of my innocence instead of fretting over the thought of seeing my mom for the first time in over five years. It made me want to throw up my scrambled eggs and at least one piece of buttered toast. Six months earlier, she’d been released from a women’s correctional facility in Nebraska. Apparently, she had a few too many marijuana plants growing in the storage room of her hair salon. My dad said he knew nothing about it, and the judge believed him.

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