The Mythic Koda Rose by Jennifer Nissley ePub PDF download

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The Mythic Koda Rose by Jennifer Nissley ePub PDF

The Mythic Koda Rose by Jennifer Nissley ePub PDF free download – Ponytail whispers to Photographer, and his head jerks up. “There she is!” he exclaims. I’ve been here since noon—three whole hours—and it’s like he’s just noticed me. “Happy birthday, darling!” Denitely famous. And French. All those swallowed vowels. “Thanks.” My birthday isn’t for months. April 1. Ha ha. But we’re doing the photo shoot in December because ROCK’s editor-inchief deemed it would be so. Probably this has to do with running a monthly publication—interviews must be conducted, articles written, pics shot and Photoshopped a gazillion weeks in advance, especially when the feature story is as momentous as this one.

It’s not every day a dead rock god’s only kid turns eighteen. An impatient ap from Photographer—sit—and I ease onto the stool, feeling faint. The shirt Wardrobe buttoned me into is only soft on the outside. Inside, it’s a web of frayed stitches, scratchy tight. The pants too. Leather. Hair tickles my nose, but it took Stylist so long to set the curls that I’m afraid to move. Clearly he expected me to show up with something he could work with, instead of the same sad haircut I’ve had since I was four. Sweat pools in my butt crack. The pants are that hot. I grind my palms into my thighs as Photographer snaps what must be test shots, aiming his camera at my face, the wall, my face. “Hmm.” He grimaces. Seemingly in pain, if not blinded. Like the set, I am astonishingly white. Did nobody think this through?

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