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The Musical Child by Joan Koenig ePub PDF

The Musical Child by Joan Koenig ePub PDF free download – When we cradle baby in our arms, soothing her with song, we are channelling the emotional power of music. We do so instinctively, just as our ancestors did. Music can be a powerful parental ally during the challenging child-rearing years. All parents and educators can access this natural source of pleasure, comfort, and stimulation, because we are a musical species. To successfully prepare our children for life in the twentyfirst century, we will need to nurture qualities such as curiosity, imagination, intuition, empathy, creative entrepreneurship, and most of all resilience. Musical practice in early childhood develops all of the above and more. Research has shown that musical practice in early childhood is beneficial not only for mental acuity but for social and emotional development as well.

Music is not just a hobby, a pleasant pastime; it is an integral part of what makes us happy, healthy, and whole. Indeed, if we want to do one thing to help our children develop into emotionally, socially, intellectually, and creatively competent human beings, we should start the musical conversation—the earlier the better. Children need music in their lives, but not for putative cognitive gains. Children need to make music together because this is how they learn to become a “we,” with the challenges and the deep satisfaction this involves. Today, more than ever, children need to experience the exhilaration of a collective effort. Music acts as a magnet for this—it always has.

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