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The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

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The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is a criminal novel by Agatha Christie, first publishedby William Collins & Sons in the UK in June 1926. Hercule Poirot detective Hercule Poirot’s investigation into the murder of Sir Roger Ackroydduring his retirement at King’s Abbott village in England. This is considered one of the best works of Agatha Christie in particular and of 20th-century detective literature in general with many details and revolutionary construction of this literary genre. Caroline Sheppard character in the novel was later considered by Agatha Christie as a model for her to build the character of Mrs. Marple.

After a long time exploring cases across Europe, detective Hercule Poirot returns to retire in a small village called King’s Abbott in the English countryside. His neighbors are Dr. James and Caroline Sheppard. The two largest residences in the village belonged to Mr. Roger Ackroyd, a widow and Mrs. Ferras, a widow. The plot of the novel begins the day after Ferras’ death through the narrative of Dr. James Sheppard. After a dinner at Roger Ackroyd’s Fernly Park mansion, Dr. Sheppard returned home when she suddenly received a phone call saying that Mr. Ackroyd, who had just spoken to the doctor less than an hour earlier, had been killed. . All evidence collected at the scene as well as the testimony of the people involved shows that the most suspicious person in the case is Captain Ralph Paton.

Just one day after the case happened, Ms. Flora Ackroyd decided to invite detective Poirot to investigate the case with the hope that with her long experience, the detective would help cleanse the suspicions for Captain Paton. For his part, the old detective also suggested Dr. James Sheppard be his assistant in the investigation, a position that Arthur Hastings had left behind when the captain left for Argentina.In order to live with his family, according to Poirot, he found that in James Sheppard many similarities with his old friend Hastings such as quietness, direct thinking and careful recording of every event that happened. During the investigation, the two gradually discovered many unexpected facts surrounding the suspects of the case, Paton turned out to have a long secret wedding with the maid Ursula Bourne, Charles Kent, the stranger. but the doctor who met the night of the crime, turned out to be the stepson of the housekeeper Russell, and the quiet, devoted servant Parker turned out to have blackmailed his former employer for years. At the end of the case, as usual Poirot invited all the suspects to his home to present his findings and arguments, but this time he never announced the identity of the villain, but only stated that if the person did not give up, the next day the detective would provide all of his inferences to the police. After the meeting, Dr. James Sheppard stays with the hope that Poirot will tell the final truth about Rger Ackroyd’s death. Suddenly the old detective made a claim, it was James Sheppard, who narrated to the readers of the entire case, the effective assistant to Poirot, who was the villain. Sheppard had long since blackmailed Mrs. Ferras knowing that she had killed her husband because she could not stand her husband’s alcoholism and hooliganism. Before committing suicide, Mrs. Ferras left a letter to Mr. Roger Ackroyd stating that she was blackmailed by James Sheppard. Because of this letter, the doctor who killed Mr. Ackroyd then arranged for his best friend Paton to hide in a psychiatric hospital to attract all suspicions towards the captain. After telling James Sheppard his inferences, Poirot let the killer decide his own fate, Sheppard decided to choose a way.committed suicide with sleeping pills instead of surrendering.

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