The Most Common Types of Gambling Fraud

The Most Common Types of Gambling Fraud
The Most Common Types of Gambling Fraud

The gambling industry has mushroomed at a mind-boggling pace in the last few decades. And, a big chunk of the credit, to its success, goes to the online portals. Instant internet access through smartphones and day-night gambling has multiplied the number of gamblers to manifolds. On top of it, online betting hosts offer an unimaginable variety of slot and casino games. And let’s not forget the whopping amounts of jackpots and rewards at the online gambling places. But, there are also some major concerns- gambling frauds!

Not being able to gain access to gambling sites

It is probably the most faced problem by n number of online gamblers. Though they usually occur because the specific gambling site might be restricted in your country, there can be other reasons as well. This fraud might not be the mistake of the host but of the fake users. Yes, fellow bettors may also cause gambling frauds like not being able to access betting websites.

  • Many people create multiple accounts in the bait of Welcome Bonus or other rewarding offers. They also give false information while signing up or enter credentials of random people to get the goodies. As a result, some genuine and original players sharing similar credentials end up getting denied.
  • If this happens to you, try visiting other casino sites because there are plenty of choices. But if anyone still wants to grab the thrill in the restricted website only, then either get a reliable VPN or call customer care directly. A good online casino may unblock your IP address if found to be a mistake.

Getting your Account frozen or terminated

If you are visiting an online site related to card, slots, or sports betting for the first time and you are denied access, then there may be a chance that it restricts people from your country. However, if you have made a transaction previously and there were no regulating laws, it may indicate a sham website.

  • Fraudsters get sensitive information from the first-hand players on their gambling sites by making bettors enter crucial details. Such deceptive hosts might be able to save passwords, PINs, and other crucial info. Afterward, they suspend or freeze the user’s account so that they can claim nothing.


  • Such bogus bookmakers steal both the identity and the funds of the users. Ensure that you did not violate any of their rules and were gambling legally with them. Otherwise, if they find the player guilty of hacking the system, they sure can freeze the account. However, one may complain if any of the website policies is unacceptably unfair for all the gamblers.

Not getting your money back

Out of all the three gambling frauds detailed in this post, not getting your money back is the riskiest. While other problems can be tackled or have an alternative website, losing funds comes with no substitutes. Money laundering and other financial corrupt practices must be avoided by betting with only legit websites.

  • Everybody knows that to place a bet, and every player has to deposit a prerequisite amount with the host. So, when a player finally wins a game, they might be disallowed from making a withdrawal. This happened when a recognized authority did not license the gambling website.


  • One may surely file a complaint if they were true all the while, but these processes are long. It may even get difficult to trace the fraudulent host, let alone get your money back. Hence, always confirm the legit existence and withdrawal efficiency of the gambling website you intend to use.

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