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The Molecular Basis of Human Cancer 2nd edition PDF

The Molecular Basis of Human Cancer 2nd edition PDF free download – Cancer does not represent a single disease. Rather, cancer is a myriad collection of diseases with as many different manifestations as there are tissues and cell types in the human body, involving innumerable endogenous or exogenous carcinogenic agents, and various etiological mechanisms. What all of these disease states share in common are certain biological properties of the cells that compose the cancer, including unregulated (clonal) cellular growth, impaired cellular differentiation, invasiveness, and metastatic potential. It is now recognized that cancer, in its simplest form, is a genetic disease, or more precisely, a disease of abnormal gene expression. Recent research efforts have revealed that different forms of cancer share common molecular mechanisms governing uncontrolled cellular proliferation, involving loss, mutation, or dysregulation of genes that positively and negatively regulate cell proliferation , migration, and differentiation (generally classifi ed as protooncogenes and tumor suppressor genes). Essential to any discussion of the molecular mechanisms that govern disease pathogenesis for specifi c cancers is an appreciation for the distribution of these diseases among world populations, with consideration of specifi c risk factors and etiologic agents involved in disease causation. This introduction will describe cancer incidence and mortality for the major forms of human cancer, and will briefl y review some of the known risk factors and/or causes of these cancers for specifi c at-risk populations.

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