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The story “The Little Prince PDF” (French: “Le Petit Prince”) by French writer and pilot Antoine Saint Exupéry is a small, simple novel that is very profound, It contains many great lessons about life, for both children and adults. The story is so famous that since its first appearance in 1943 in the United States, it has been printed 150 million copies, and translated into 270 different languages ​​and dialects.

It is said that in Korea alone, more than 20 different versions of the “Little Prince” have been released. And in Turkey, publishers massively printed the book “The Little Prince” in early 2015 on the occasion of the book’s expiration of worldwide copyright. In France, more than 100,000 copies of the “Le Petit Prince” are printed annually. In the United States, The Little Prince PDF is also always on the list of the most popular stories.

There are many different English translations of the “The Little Prince” story, which are essentially the same (and similar to the French original), but the words used are slightly different. The most famous of these is probably the first translation from 1943 by Katherine Woods and a 2000 translation by Richard Howard. Katherine Woods’ translation is considered the most lyrical, but there are a few inaccuracies compared to the original. Especially the “sheep error” that other English translations did not make: In Chapter IV, where the original text is “besoin d’un ami” (“needs a friend”), the version of Katherine Woods translated as “need of a sheep” (“need a sheep”). The English version of this bilingual book is primarily based on the translation of Katherine Woods, but has been adapted to be closer to the original French version.

Review The Little Prince PDF by me

Who of us without experiencing a childhood full of curiosity with the world around! I have, you also, most people have a time like that, right?

But, it seems that as we get older, we are “polluted” with so much dust and dust of the humble world, so we have been losing the simplicity and innocence of a spirit of the time. Are children naked in the rain?

Little Prince – a very confusing story for us but extremely interesting for children will help us rediscover the feeling that when we look at life, look at work with our eyes so simple through the lens of an immature boy. Reading this book, we seem to see each of us in both character positions – adults and children …!

“Adults are so confusing and confusing ..” – that is the only sentence I remember remembering when I read this work. Little Prince – a classic, very beautiful and full of humanity, you should experience this book through the lens of a boy of about 5, 6 years old, surely, you will find lots of interesting things revolves around everyday life!

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