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In The Linux Programming Interface, I will describe the Linux Programming Interface – about the system calls, library functions, and low-level interface provided by Linux, a free version of the UNIX operating system. These interfaces are used, directly or indirectly, by all the programs that run on Linux. They allow applications to perform tasks such as file I / O, create or delete files and folders, create new processes, execute programs, set clocks, and communicate between applications. processes, threads on the same computer and communicate between processes running on different computers on the same network. This is a set of low-level interfaces, also known as the system programming interface.

The Linux Programming Interface

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Although I focus on Linux, I also talk about standards and portability issues, have a clear distinction and discuss specific details discussing common features of most UNIX implementations and POSIX standards. and the Single UNIX Specification. Therefore, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the UNIX / POSIX programming interface and can be used by programmers writing applications for other UNIX systems or focusing on cross-platform applications.

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