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The Lean Startup

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The Lean Startup is highly appreciated by many people in many different fields: businessmen, administrators, programmers, teachers,… A rare book has an ingenious blend of real techniques. very pragmatic with innovative ideas about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship. Perhaps judging as Stanford scholar Steve Blank about the book does not seem flattering: “ This is an innovation roadmap for the 21st century. The ideas of Lean Startups will help create the next industrial revolution”. What has been shown in the three years since the book was published seems to be proof of what Blank says: it becomes Best Seller, discussed and applied regularly, and Lean Startup workshops are often crowded. It’s awkward, and it’s weird if, in a recent Agile\Lean workshop or book, there’s not a single quote about Lean Startup.

In the context of the constantly growing and highly competitive market economy, the business has become the field that attracts the passion of many young people, especially for “starting a business.” Many young people embark on “starting a business” with the goal of achieving success, becoming a billionaire quickly with products like Facebook, Zappos or Google. Media paints pictures of successful tech heroes thanks to their brilliant ideas and strong determination. And many young people strongly believe that just by having a good idea and a strong will, they can do great things.

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