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The Kill Order

213 Pages · 2014 · 1.36 MB · 4,173 Downloads· English

The Kill Order is introduced as the prequel to the series Decoding the labyrinth. The book was first printed in 2012, by the publisher Delacorte Press. The cover is pretty eye-catching, and the spine is really square and solid. Indeed owning an English version of this book is worth the money. Set before WICKED was founded, before mazes were built to put innocent children to use as experimental objects, before Thomas entered the maze thirteen years. At that time, a very strange and dangerous phenomenon happened. The solar halo hit the Earth before the officials could take action. Sun flames are inherently a normal phenomenon. But this time it was downright fierce. It has caused catastrophic destruction for all of humanity. Thousands of people died instantly, and then that number rose to several million. Mark and Trina were friends from a year before Earth collided with the Sunfire Halo, and they were lucky to survive among the few remaining humankind. Suddenly one day a Berg aircraft appeared, which should have disappeared after the collision, and it slaughtered the people in the camp, forcing Mark and everyone to fight. But then gradually they discovered something even more frightening: the Japanese virus. When the solar halo collides with the Earth, it destroys everything. Ecosystems are broken, forests disappear, but the swarms of insects don’t. They call it Japanese coincidence. It makes anyone infected to arouse instinct to hold animals. Mark and Trina are looking for the solution to this strange disease. An end to the beginning of all …

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