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The Invisible Man

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The Invisible Man is one of the most famous novels in the writing life of HG Wells, the great English author. The story is about Griffin, a poor scientist with a natural talent for physics, who discovered the secret technique. The illusion of power plus circumstances pushed Griffin into a great man, attempting to use the invisible ability to rule the world. The pen HG Wells portrays Griffin as both apathetic and a hateful man, an assassin but a victim, talented but lacking in kindness.

Once serialized in Pearson’s Weekly magazine, then published in a book in 1897, the Invisible Man has been adapted into movies, dramas, and cartoons on numerous occasions. Movies, storybooks that follow or are based on Wells’ ideas are untold. So far, it is still one of the most mesmerizing and inspiring sci-fi works for a wide audience around the globe.

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