The Inmate’s Obsession by Alexa Riley ePub PDF download

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The Inmate’s Obsession by Alexa Riley ePub PDF

The Inmate’s Obsession by Alexa Riley ePub PDF free download – The metal gates are twice as wide as the SUV I’m sitting in and even taller than that. They’re covered with barbed wire on the top and sealed all the way to the cinder block wall. When they start to slide open I’m almost amazed they’re able to. They look heavy and scary as they grant us entry into the prison. I try and keep my expression blank, knowing my emotions often show too easily. My fingers itch to fidget with the seam of my dress, but I don’t give in. My dad always said it’s what gives me away when I’m nervous. How can I not be nervous? I’m a bundle of emotions all at once. Excited, sad, and even scared, which makes my heart heavy. I haven’t only lost my dad behind bars, I’ve been placed in a prison too. The only difference is my prison is on an estate with a full staff that can get me anything I need at a moment’s notice. My dad tells me there’s no reason to leave the estate because anything I could ever want is available to me. If only that were true. I’m never alone in that mansion, but I’ve never been lonelier. Sitting in the back of the blacked-out SUV, I glance around at the four hulking men surrounding me. There’s one on each side and then two in the front. I’m sure there’s another vehicle following us, but it’s being discreet. My dad might be in prison, but he still somehow manages his men on both sides of the wall. Their loyalty to him is unbreakable.

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