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The In Between by Marc Klein ePub PDF

The In Between by Marc Klein ePub PDF free download – TESSA COULD SENSE THE SNOW EVEN BEFORE SHE OPENED HER eyes. It was an intense, luminous brightness penetrating her eyelids, urging her to consciousness. When she finally woke, the first thing she saw was light gleaming off her “Wall of Inspiration.” It was a collage of words and photos on her ceiling that served only one purpose: to make Tessa feel better about her life.

There were quotes (PRESERVE YOUR BUBBLE), mundane reminders (GET OFF THE INTERNET!), arty black-andwhite photos (Robert Frank, Brassaï’s rain-soaked streets of Paris), and even a few sketches that Tessa had drawn before she discovered her real talent lay in photography. Most seventeen-year-olds would be rejoicing at the sight of all that fluffy whiteness outside—it meant school was canceled. But Tessa wasn’t most seventeen-year-olds. For her, school was the only escape from the strangers she lived with.

Years earlier, one after the other, Tessa’s real parents had disappeared without a trace. What followed was a revolving door of foster homes. Some were better than others, but most were terrifying. As for Mel and Vickie, they were the most recent childless couple who’d taken her in. Now past the oneyear mark, they were undoubtedly the best of the bunch. But even though they’d recently signed her adoption papers, Tessa still couldn’t fully embrace them. That would require trust, something that didn’t come easily to her.

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