The Importance of Click Speed When Playing Computer Games

The Importance of Click Speed When Playing Computer Games

Computer games are mostly played with a mouse, pads, joysticks, and a keyboard. These handheld devices are usually used to control the direction of the pointer. You can either click or drag the pointer to any direction for fast movement. See why a click speed will improve your gaming adventure.

  • It saves time

When there are plenty of tasks in a game, the click speed helps to save time. Imagine playing a game with plenty of enemies without click speeding. You end up using your whole time to kill one or you would have been killed by the enemies.

  • For quicker movement

The click speed aids for faster movement. Also, you can play computer games easily and it enables you to dodge the attack of the enemies.

How to improve on your click speed

You can adopt several methods to improve your click speed. But ensure that your click speed will improve. To increase your click speed do any of the following.

  • Study the guidelines on how to play your game

Computer games come with a guideline. Take your time to study them properly if you want to improve on your speed.

  • Check game’s click speed setting

Most games have click speed in their setting. Small settings can make a better performance.

  • Find out how other players improved on their click speed

Join a group where you can interact with other players. Ask them how they were able to click speed and learn from them. Watch videos of other players and also practice their tactics.

  •  Two hands practice

Practice makes perfect as we all know. Try to practice with your two hands for effectiveness. The more you practice the more your chances of winning the game.

  • Make sure you use the keys properly.

Do not just press different keys just because you want to win. Learn the different keys and how they function. This will go a long way in your timing. Many gamers have experienced problems in click speed due to one reason or the other.

Factors that affect the Gaming Click speed

Unfortunately, there are actions and factors that affect the click speed of your system You can get a poor click speed if any of the following happens:

  • Excess grip or slight grip can affect your click speed. Have you tried to hold your mouse or even keyboard for long? You notice it gives another command.
  • How you position your hands can also affect your clicking speed. You can use both fingers to increase your speed.
  • How well do you know your keys?  This is a very common factor. Many gamers think when you press any key you succeed. But knowing the keys stand your higher chances of success.
  • Failure to practice your click speed test. There are many click speed test software. Downloading this software and continuous practice will go a long way.


A good click speed makes your gaming experience fun. You can achieve a win in the game when you increase your click speed. Finally, a speed clicker test will be helpful before you start playing games.

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