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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks – This thrilling story is true, and I was really shocked!

“It started in the 1940s, when Henrietta Lacks – an African-American woman with cervical cancer had to go to Johns Hopkins hospital to be examined and treated. From there, doctors discovered her cells. She had a tremendous growth rate – infinitely dividing in culture. Researchers and business associates replicated the cell and sold millions of dollars, thanks to the immortal HeLa cell, medical The school has made great strides: preparing polio vaccine, cloning, mapping human genes, researching cancer drugs, AIDS … Up to now, it still exists everywhere. laboratories and for world scientific research.

Regardless of these extraordinary things, no one knew about the existence of Henrietta Lacks. Because of the misfortune of Jim Crow’s time – a racist and anti-black law. Henrietta died in agony, unaware that his cells saved the lives of thousands of others. And her family members live poor and sick all their lives: her husband has prostate cancer, her children – people with depression, people with heart disease, people dying in mental hospitals.

Finding justice for the family of Henrietta Lacks, writer Rebecca spent nearly 10 years, with hundreds of hours of interviews, thousands of scientific documents to bring this story to light. It was at a time when everything seemed to be going well with the Henrietta Lacks Conference hosted by the National Foundation for Cancer Research scheduled for September 11, 2001, in Washington, DC. first crashed into the World Trade Center. DC was blocked, the conference was delayed without plans to be held for another day.

This is truly a touching and thrilling non-fiction book about the extraordinary woman of color Henrietta and the flip side of Scientific research.

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