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The Hollows by Mark Edwards ePub PDF

The Hollows by Mark Edwards ePub PDF free download – A few helium-filled balloons had been tied to the wooden sign at the entrance of the resort. They bobbed lazily in the breeze, bumping against each other as if they would like to escape, to sail over the treetops, but couldn’t gather the energy to really try. Beside the reception building another sign announced that this was the GRAND OPENING WEEK. I parked next to it and went inside to collect our keys. There were two people behind the desk, a large man and a skinny woman. The man, who was in his mid-thirties, beckoned me forward. He wore a red polo shirt that strained against his bulk, the button at the collar looking like it was going to pop at any moment. His badge told me he was Greg Quinn, the manager. I handed him my passport and he looked me up on the computer, meaty fingers stabbing at the keys. ‘Did you come all the way from England to visit us?’ he asked as he handed my passport back. The answer was more complicated than a simple yes or no, but it was easier to say, ‘I did.’ ‘Hey, Vivian, you hear that? Mr Anderson has come here from the UK.’ Vivian, a grey-haired woman with a no-bullshit air, muttered something like, ‘Probably one of them’, although that didn’t make much sense. One of what? I decided I must have misheard.

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