The Hiddenseek by Nate Cernosek ePub PDF download

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The Hiddenseek by Nate Cernosek ePub PDF

The Hiddenseek by Nate Cernosek ePub PDF free download – Now everyone was gone. They had all left her in the park, alone. It had been a trick. They’d never wanted to play with her. They just wanted to have a laugh at the nerdy girl without any friends. It hadn’t always been like this. She used to have friends. She thought she did, at least. The memories weren’t clear, more of a feeling— other kids around her, at recess, at birthday parties. And she and Hector had been inseparable. But that was a long time ago now.

Holly heard the wind pick up again, whistling past the tunnel, and wiped her tear- streaked cheeks. She crawled out of the tunnel and saw something odd. The trees weren’t moving with the wind. Neither were the leaves on the ground. Even the blades of grass stood still. A hazy mist crept in, blanketing the park in fog. A figure emerged from the mist. It was a man, his face hidden by a wild tangle of stringy brown hair. His clothes were dusty and patched up and like something a peasant would have worn hundreds of years ago. He was walking slowly, straight toward Holly, looking right at her.

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