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The Haunting of Alma Fielding PDF free download – At his office in South Kensington on Monday 21 February 1938, Nandor Fodor opened a letter from an East End clergyman of his acquaintance. The Reverend Francis Nicolle wanted to alert him to a poltergeist attack in the suburb of Thornton Heath, just south of London, which had been the subject of a report in that weekend’s Sunday Pictorial. ‘I wonder whether you have seen it?’ wrote Nicolle. ‘Unfortunately the actual address is not given.’ The minister thought that the haunting sounded even more remarkable than a similar case in east London that he had helped Fodor to investigate that month. Fodor, a Jewish-Hungarian journalist, had for four years been chief ghost hunter at the International Institute for Psychical Research. He loved his job, which required him to investigate and verify weird events, but the spiritualist press had recently turned against him. The bestselling weekly Psychic News accused him of being cynical about the supernatural and unkind to mediums, charges that were so damaging to his reputation as a psychical researcher – and his future in England – that in January he had sued for libel. He was now desperate to prove his sincerity and his aptitude: he needed to find a ghost.

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