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The Hate U Give is an important work of the Black Lives Matter-wave. I won’t use the word “important”, not because it’s really unimportant, but because the word “important” is too gentle, lackluster and it seems “easy to tame” to talk about a book. like this.

A book for teenagers, The Hate U Give reminds us of the prevalence of discrimination in violent violence for this age group (Michael was 18 when he was murdered; Trayvon Martin 17 age; Tamir Rice was not even a teen at 12 years old). The book clearly shows how cruel young people who speak up for their loved ones can be cruelly extracted, like what happened to Rachel Jeantel as she tried to testify against the murderer. hurt Martin, George Zimmerman. Thomas Angie’s novel gives us an insight into the potential dangers of a predetermined outcome for the dispute between the white police and the “thug life”: The victim is dead, then it is examined harsh judgments, judgments, basing on their past mistakes.

The real-life style of “real” from Thomas’s life under the first throne of the main character Starr Carter describes in detail all of Starr’s shock, pain and anger during and after the shooting. The Hate U Give reflects the complexity of the lives of some readers, while for the rest, those who have never experienced the end of a tragedy like Starr, it also helps us gain insights. more about the world we live in not only pink, there still exists injustice and cunning, but there are also those who are desperately fighting for a better future.

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