The Guitar Grimoire PDF free download by Adam Kadmon

The Guitar Grimoire: A Compendium of Formulas for Guitar Scales and Modes

220 Pages · 1991 · 17.81 MB · 9,642 Downloads· English

The Guitar Grimoire is divided into sections according to scale groups. The groups are 7 tone, 5 tone, 6 tone, and 8 tone scales. Each scale group is then subdivided into different scales. For instance, the 7 note group has 14 scales, etc.. Each individual scale in every scale group consists of a title page, and pattern breakdown pages depicting that particular scale’s usage in all 12 keys. Each title page contains various charts. The charts are your tools in analyzing how the modes are derived, compatible chords, keyboard fingerings (for those of you with sequencers and midi equipment), modal generation charts, and guitar fingering patterns for conventional and sweeping. The guitar sweeping patterns are then broken down for complete fretboard in all 12 keys.

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