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The Guilty Husband by Stephanie DeCarolis

The Guilty Husband by Stephanie DeCarolis – It started, as so many things do, with a choice. Though it wasn’t one consciously planned – a decision made, a line drawn in the sand. No, this felt more like something that happened while I wasn’t looking. The gentle pull of the tide that sweeps you out to sea while you’re preoccupied with the feeling of sunshine on your face. It all happened so slowly, and yet all at once. It started so small, a glance exchanged, a word whispered, but somehow, it’s grown into something so large that it now looms over my life, casting a shadow on everything I once thought I’d die to protect.

I don’t even know who I am anymore. I’ve become someone I barely recognize, making decisions I never thought I would make. What started with one mistake, one bad choice, has become many. One following the next until I could no longer keep up, I couldn’t set it right. But in truth, I didn’t really try. Not until it was too late anyway. I didn’t know, in those glittering early days, what malevolent thing would curl around me like smoke, so thick and so dark, that soon I wouldn’t be able to see my way through it any longer.

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