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The Giver PDF – With a unique problem-setting, the book takes you from surprise to surprise, so that when you turn to the last page, it makes it impossible for you to inadvertently with what exists around … Occupying most of the work is a world where Jonas lives in peace. The tranquility in a neutral space makes the reader stop when entering this colorless world – where every night, family members have an emotional presentation, and in the morning have to say really about dreams; where every child from the first vibration is suppressed by the pill taken regularly to the end of life.

The entire Jonas community lives by strict rules of control, almost no gaps for a private space … There are so many good things being established here. There is almost no contradiction, no pain, no suffocating anxiety – thanks to anti-vulgar laws. Each person’s past is closed, all children are adopted. The future of each man is followed by the elders from a young age so that the Council can decide on a career in the Twelve. If someone deviates from this orbit, they will be “released”.

At the Twelve, Jonas received the task that surprised him: the one who receives memories. And this special position helps him gradually untie the tight rules of the community. Jonas no longer has to take medication every day, no longer controlled by the rules. And he was surprised to receive the most terrible authority: “to lie”.

Memories of pain, poverty, war, colors, love … awakened in the boy a suspicious view of the community. Stepping out of this peaceful society, he began to realize, these perfect orders also had shortcomings. Especially when he watched his father perform the “liberation” of a child in twins by himself, such an act of murder was so well trained that people simply thought it was a necessary task.

Turned on in the book is the clear look of a person with the desire to live by his emotions, his own arguments. Understandably, Jonas’ predecessor volunteered to be “released” after receiving the memory, and Jonas, in turn, could not bear to keep living like that …

This 1993-written book has a stirring argument about life. It is not like a simple lecture that people need to do this and that, but make people more aware of what they are, about the space they live in, and about the dream to be rekindled. the group in there.

Lois Lowry is an American writer who has received numerous awards: the Dorothy Prize ( numbering the stars ), the California Young Reader medal ( Summer to Die, Everything about Sam ), the Mark Twain ( Everything about Sam ). , Newbery Medal ( Numbering of the stars, The Memorandum of Memory ) … The Memorandum of Success has sold 5.3 million copies in the US and has been included in the reading list of many American high schools. Lois Lowry once expressed about this book:

“The man I named Memory Memorator has passed on to the boy knowledge, history, memories, colors, pain, laughter, love and truth. Every time you give a book to a child, you do that.

It is a risky thing.

But every time the child opened a book, he pushed the gate between himself and the Other. And this brings up the option. Bringing to freedom.

Those are precious and wonderful dangerous things ”.

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