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The Four Agreements

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The Four Agreements – A six-year book that ranks among the top bestseller of The New York Times and has sold more than 4 million copies worldwide by Mexican author Don Miguel Ruiz, has just come to Vietnamese readers through his translation. Nguyen Trung Ky.

Considered as Don Miguel Ruiz’s experiences of human existence and happiness, the book gives the most basic explanations and practices to attain spiritual freedom as well as personal liberation from The viewpoint is very close to Buddhist thought.

According to Don Miguel Ruiz, an organized rational society is necessary to sustain the life of the community, but with (imposed) laws and values ​​there is always a risk of degradation and exploitation. it is “hell”, “sea of ​​suffering” earthly prevents people from returning to their true nature, with their true joy of living.

From there, Don Miguel Ruiz made three initial agreements: Don’t sin with your words – perceived as not permissive, mechanically repeating the notions and prejudices of those around them when acknowledging a problems or people, or judging yourself; not taking things personally – is not misleading, no outside judgment that really suits you and can influence yourself. your life; No assumptions, assumptions – because assumptions and conjectures are actually just repeating existing prejudices and prejudices about things, it cannot tell you the true meaning of what is happening.

With the above three agreements, the author aims to emphasize personal relationships with the community, in which promoting personal bravery, opinion, confidence, honesty, but actually the return to unique people. with a consciously available nature. Finally, the fourth agreement Please do your best as the basic practical principle to unleash the human “I”.

Author Don Miguel Ruiz was born in 1952 to a family in rural Mexico. Going to university, he chose to take the medical school exam and then became a surgical doctor. In addition to the Four Agreements first published in 1997, he also wrote many other books, most notably Beyond Fear (1997) and The Mastery of Love (2002).

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