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Details about The First Ten Years: Two Sides of the Same Love Story by Joseph Fink and Meg

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The First Ten Years ePub PDF

The First Ten Years ePub PDF free download – We met in the East Village, selling tickets for a downtown performance art collective called the New York Neo-Futurists, working in a tiny cubicle of a box office where the inner wall was a corkboard littered with programs for shows that had closed years before. Meg was interning with the Neo-Futurists, and I had recently auditioned for them and not been cast. Having nowhere else to go in New York, I subsequently showed up every weekend to their show, volunteering at their box office so that I wouldn’t have to pay for tickets. The crash of 2008 had left me with few savings and no job. We were twenty-two and full of the posturing performance that substitutes for personality at that age. In a person’s early twenties, the human being who eventually will form naturally with time has to be hastily scraped together from the shaky models of movies and social media.

Meg was a constant smoker then, and so my first impression of her was a rolling wave of cigarette smell. My sense of smell is sensitive, and neither I nor anyone in my family ever smoked, so it set that first meeting on edge. But she also was clearly smart and determined and so entirely different from most people I had ever known, a slice of Jersey in my—until then—entirely Californian life. I didn’t quite know what to make of her. But then I was such an uncertain mess at that age that I didn’t know what to make of myself, either. I don’t remember us getting along well the first night we met, but I think we both knew that the conflict was as fake as the version of ourselves we were performing. There were deeper, quieter versions of us waiting to unfurl, and it was in those silent places that the heat between us lingered.

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