The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon ePub PDF download

The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon

335 Pages – 2022 – 2.8 MB – 1098 Downloads – English

The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon ePub PDF

Dominic Yun is in my sound booth. He knows it’s my sound booth. He’s been here four months, and there’s no way he doesn’t know it’s my sound booth. It’s on the station’s shared calendar, the one connected to our email, in a blue bubble that reads BOOTH C: GOLDSTEIN, SHAY. REPEATS MONDAY–FRIDAY, 11 TO NOON. ENDS: NEVER. I’d knock on the door, but—well, a sound booth’s defining feature is that it’s soundproof. And while I’m certain a list of my faults could fill a half hour of commercial-free radio, I’m not quite so awful that I’d storm inside and risk screwing up whatever Dominic is recording. He may be Pacific Public Radio’s least qualified reporter, but I have too much respect for the art of audio mixing to do that. What happens inside that booth should be sacred.

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