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The End of Advertising As We Know It

The End of Advertising As We Know It

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For those who are starting a business, working in companies, businesses in the marketing department, The End of Advertising As We Know It by the author Sergio Zyman will be the right choice to help you better understand technology. marketing techniques but still want to sell more products.

First, we will talk a little bit about the father of The End of Advertising As We Know It, is the author Sergio Zyman. He is a former Marketing Director and veteran of the world famous beverage company Coca Cola, he used to bring the name of Coca Cola to the market with sky-high sales of the years 1993.

Later, he founded and became the CEO of Z Marketing Group, a company specializing in the field of marketing with the goal of helping to enhance and develop marketing in the world to a new level.

Returning to the book Marketing that is good at making money, the content of the book is synthesized by the author and shares valuable lessons and tips on the campaign and tactics he has ever done and very success. Throughout the book, we will learn more about the exact concept of marketing, the ways to do marketing successfully, but most importantly, still make a sale and make money.

It can be simply understood that marketing is made up of systematic, systematic plans to achieve business efficiency to attract more customers, increase sales. and help the company or business grow stronger day by day.

Obviously, marketing is an essential investment and an important factor for businesses and companies in branding and sales. However, at present, some businesses often do not take this seriously, they often use the reason of limited budgets or poor sales, so they also cut down on marketing. Of course, according to the author, these thoughts are believed to be false.

We should remember that a good marketing must make money not just selling and doing business, but it is also an art of marketing. The benefits of marketing, if successful, will bring businesses great results and results.

Setting up marketing plans to help customers position their products among countless other products on the market. Creating habits and trust for customers to be willing to spend money just to buy your product, are the key factors that most marketing plans are aimed at.

Of course, for each business to achieve the above ambition, they need to come up with good marketing strategies to make money methodically and intelligently to be willing to spend money on the right purposes and goals. Towards, this needs the acumen and enough sanity for businesses.

Besides the above, in The End of Advertising As We Know It, the author also talks about the cases of marketing risk or failure, of course, that is inevitable in a competitive market. very fierce like now. The candid sharing of author Sergio Zyman will help readers understand a lot of things, even help you change your thinking about this marketing field and learn many new and valuable things than.

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