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The Ecg Handbook of Contemporary Challenges

The Ecg Handbook of Contemporary Challenges PDF free download – It is now over a century (112 years, to be accurate) since Willem Einthoven reported the first use of the electrocardiogram (ECG) to register the electrical activity of the human heart. Since then, the ECG has become part of routine work-ups in clinical practice and is used for the diagnosis and management of a variety of cardiac and non-cardiac disorders. Today, there are no other diagnostic tests in clinical practice that have been used as frequently. ECGs are readily available, noninvasive, and relatively low in cost, yet they are challenging to interpret. The ECG captures the diagnosis immediately and provides a window, not only to cardiac conditions, but also to other pathologies. Amazingly, a century after the discovery of the ECG, new ECG patterns are being discovered. The modern ECG is not only a method to obtain heart rate and rhythm, QRS duration, A-V conduction disease, etc., but it is also implemented into many guidelines and used as a part of screening for many diseases even at a pre-clinical stage. In the last few decades, several new electrocardiographic phenomenon and markers have emerged that are challenging to physicians who interpret ECGs, such as early repolarization, ECGs of athletes, Brugada Syndrome, short and long QT syndrome, various channelopathies, and cardiomyopathies. Despite several textbooks on electrocardiography, recent guidelines, and consensus reports from different societies, there is still a definite need to put together a handbook related to these new observations for those involved in the interpretation of ECGs. To date there is no such collective. The purpose of this handbook is to prepare a state-of-the-art reference on contemporary and challenging issues in electrocardiography. This handbook is not designed as a classic textbook that covers all aspects of the subject, nor is it meant to discuss other cellular and imaging modalities related to this topic.

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