The Easy Way to IELTS Writing Academic Module PDF download

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The Easy Way to IELTS Writing Academic Module

“The easy way to IELTS writing” is a reference book mainly designed to target the notorious challenges in the IELTS writing test. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System, a language proficiency test required by all universities and colleges worldwide. For most IELTS candidates, writing is by far the most formidable section to tackle. The main reason for this is that the IELTS writing test requires specific academic structures and approaches with which many candidates are not familiar. This reference book focuses on both IELTS writing tasks and aims to help higher-achiever candidates master their writing skills and feel confident to write about any topic and stand out with triumph through practical and comprehensive sample writings and examples. “The easy way to IELTS writing” is the result of 20 years of devotion to teaching ESL and IELTS preparation courses. This compilation of knowledge and experience originates from an extensive focus on developing a well-built curriculum based on a great deal of research conducted on standard IELTS books and test requirements. This IELTS curriculum has helped many brilliant students improve their IELTS writing skills and achieve high overall scores for over a decade. Writing is renowned for being a challenging skill to advance for many IELTS candidates; however, following impactful instructions provided in this book will equip them for the exam, qualifying them to further their academic goals at highly reputable educational institutes internationally. Adhering to the test requirements, writing tools, tips, and

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