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The Diary of a Young Girl

The Diary of a Young Girl is a book consisting of excerpts from a diary written by the little girl Anne Frank while in hiding with her family during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. Her family was arrested in 1944 and Frank eventually died of typhus in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. After the war, the diary was given to Anne’s father, Otto Frank by Miep Gies.

After Anne Frank’s family was arrested, a woman named Miep Gies saw Anne Frank’s diary pages falling on the floor where the Anne Frank family was hiding. The couple Miep Gies and four other employees in Mr. Otto Frank’s company, Anne Frank’s father, provided food, water and books to the Anne Frank family and four other Jews for 25 months ( from 1942 to 1944) when they hid in Otto Frank’s business office in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Miep Gies kept the books and diaries of Anne Frank that I found, locked them in a drawer, waiting for Anne Frank’s return to return. Miep Gies did not read Anne Frank’s diary because she wanted to respect her privacy.

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