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Book Name: The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Primer: How DBT Can Inform Clinical Practice
Author: Beth S. Brodsky, Barbara Stanley
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN-10: 9781119968931,9781118556603
Year: 2013
Pages: 248
Language: English
File size: 6 MB
File format: PDF

Dialectical Behavior Therapy has become a treatment of choice for most people with borderline personality disorder and other complex psychiatric ailments. Becoming adept in regular DBT requires intensive training and extensive supervised experience. But, There Are Lots of DBT principles and principles that may be easily adapted for therapists running supportive, psychodynamic, and even other types of cognitive behavioral treatments.Despite that, There’s a dearth of readily accessible reading material to the busy clinician or novice.This new publication provides a clinically oriented, very user-friendly guide to understanding and using the fundamentals and methods of DBT to get non-DBT-trained mental health professionals and is an Perfect guide to DBT for clinicians at all levels of experience.Written by internationally recognized specialists in suicide, self harm and borderline personality disorder, It Includes clinical vignettes, following patients via a series of chapters, clearly demonstrating the therapeutic principles and interventions.
Chapter 1 Introduction (pages 1–11):
Chapter 2 When Dbt is indicated (pages 15–25):
Chapter 3 BPD (pages 27–32):
Chapter 4 BPD (pages 33–43):
Chapter 5 Understanding and treating self?harm behaviors in BPD (pages 45–62):
Chapter 6 The ABC’s of DBT – the theoretical perspective (pages 63–74):
Chapter 7 The ABC’s of DBT – overview of the treatment (pages 75–82):
Chapter 8 Commitment and goal setting (pages 83–100):
Chapter 9 The DBT tool kit (pages 101–123):
Chapter 10 Skills training (pages 125–133):
Chapter 11 Skills training (pages 135–151):
Chapter 12 Between?session contact and observing limits (pages 153–175):
Chapter 13 Management of sicidal behavior (pages 177–184):
Chapter 14 The Safety Planning Intervention (pages 185–192):
Chapter 15 The three C’s of consultation (pages 193–204):
Chapter 16 DBT case formulation (pages 205–219):
Chapter 17 Beyond Target 1 – Therapy and “quality of life” interfering behaviors (pages 221–237):
Chapter 18 The end of treatment (pages 239–243):


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