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I have watched this movie for quite a long time but whenever I mention it, it is never touched, so whenever I have the opportunity to recommend it to everyone, I hope more and more people will know about it, as well. Nothing to do. I only believe The Crucible is a good choice when you are in secret or uncomfortable in your heart, because it will surely make you cry. When the unpleasant moments of sadness, crying, being able to cry, isn’t that the best way?

The Crucible is not a film about love, but more than any other love in the world. The Crucible is not the footage of sweet romantic scenes, but sweeter than any sweet in the world.

Perhaps when watching the movie you will feel that the words you say are completely opposite to what you are seeing, so I would like to briefly mention the content of this movie.

The Crucible is adapted from a novel of the same name by Gong Ji Young, a story about a school for deaf children in Gwangju Inhwa, South Korea. It would not be a problem if the person who was sexually abused and could not report or do anything else was the hearing impaired. Having endured being beaten and abused since they were very young, they even thought that they deserved it because they were not ordinary people like everyone else.

And it would not be scary if it was not based on a true story.

In schools where beautiful Korea is, there are things that are against such morals. Those who outwardly appear to be pious, loving the weak, loving the role of a pious gong, but the truth is the demons in disguise. It is impossible to understand why these demons exist and desire to find pleasure in children who have not grown up like that. A story of power, money, benefits and things that outsiders can never see.

The story has no end.

No one helped those children, except for the hopeless efforts of a teacher from Seoul. He came from Seoul to teach art to children. This trip did not expect to lose so much blood and tears. They advised him to follow them, to shut up as if he had never seen anything, or to abuse poor children with them. They tolerated, but tolerated, forgiven their own crimes and took it for granted. As for the merciful teacher, he uses all his love to protect and find justice for the children.

Let them know that they are just like everyone else.

But despite such exhausting efforts, the story has no end.

However, I still say The Crucible has love and sweetness, because his love and sweetness for children who are not my blood, his love for children with physical disabilities and one mind. The soul and the number of those injuries are greater and more than anything else in the world. While darkness envelops everything, there is a person who takes his hand to lead you to a place with light, which is sweet.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world, they cannot be seen and touched. They have to be felt with the heart,” he said. Teacher’s love for children cannot be seen merely by eyes. The soul of a child full of hurt but constantly thirsting for love can only be felt with a heart full of affection and many meanings.

Korea has made a lot of films about such reality but in the heart of The Crucible has become a solid fortified city. When the movie came out, there was a wave of indignation throughout Korea because of its honesty. I believe that not only Korea, but all over the world, exist such injustices, making viewers unhappy and helpless, even more can not deny those cruel truths. I used to cry, the first time and cried a lot on the second view, because I felt helpless. I understand that, even though I know that I have to be sympathetic, not everyone dares to stand up courageously and do things that have no benefit to me. The ancients had the phrase “Human selfishness, heavenly earth and earth”, so people only live for themselves so much.

Hm, I really like The Crucible, because I like it, I have never had a complete review about it, so many times I wanted to write but I couldn’t write everything I wanted to write because The Crucible couldn’t use one. good words or some of my words to describe it all. I feel that the best way is still to use your heart to see and feel for yourself.

Well, I really like watching real movies like that, I watched the Miracle in cell no.7 (Miracle in cell no.7), Hope (Hope) and Silent (Silenced / The crucible). If there are any movies in the same genre, can you tell me?

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