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The Cottage by Lisa Stone ePub PDF

The Cottage by Lisa Stone ePub PDF free download – The living-room curtains were closed against the night sky, but on the other side of the window lay a small patio, and there was something lurking out there. She hadn’t seen or heard it, but the dog on her lap certainly had. Tinder had been asleep, then his ears had pricked up as he’d raised his head. He was now staring at the curtain and growling, his pupils enlarged to black orbs. His behaviour was unsettling her even more. Jan knew a dog’s heightened sense of smell and hearing gave it an advantage over humans, so Tinder could smell and hear things she could not. There was something out there and the dog knew – something alive, ominous and threatening. It had begun four nights ago. Jan had been sitting on the sofa in front of the television with Tinder on her lap, as they’d got into the habit of doing most nights. She stroked his soft, wavy fur and he slept peacefully. Then suddenly he was awake, on guard, making her start and a little bit afraid. Now it was happening again. There was just her and Tinder in the cottage, which was situated on the edge of Coleshaw Woods.

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