The Complete CSS Flexbox Guide With a Complete Project 2019 Course


  • An Internet Connection
  • Basic Understanding Of HTML & CSS
  • Any Code Editor Of Your Choice

do you want an efficient way to create complex layouts easily and quickly?

do you want to create advanced responsive layouts using CSS only with just simple lines of code?

How can I use this knowledge in real-world examples”

1 – the holy grail layout

2 – you will learn how to center elements vertically easily

3 – how to build posts articles with equal heights easily using flexbox

4 – very advanced cards layouts that are almost impossible to attain without flexbox

5 – the horizontal masonry layout which is very interesting

Who this course is for:

  • web designers and developers who want to improve their skills
  • front end web developers who want to be able to build advanced layouts easily and faster
  • web developers who want to build responsive layouts without having to use frameworks like bootstrap
  • experienced web developers who want to create websites layouts in a much more easy way
  • any web developer who wants to improve his productivity and save time
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The Complete CSS Flexbox Guide With a Complete Project 2019 Course

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