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The Book Thief

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Set in World War II years, The Book Thief talks about Liesel Meminger, a girl who was adopted on Heaven Street. Here, along with her love and a special passion for books and words, Liesel unites himself with everyone around her. Unlike many people perceive, this book has a clear blue-gray color to me. The book does not talk about how the war is going on, how the soldiers are fighting, how many planes are shot down, or which side is winning. It was not red and bloody, it was simply dead and cold. Background is the daily life of the German people at that time. I don’t know the exact quote, but I once read a sentence about war that I really absorbed as War is not a bomb, it is gore, it is death. War is much closer to you than you think. It also happens right with everyday life.

Through the book you can understand the people of Germany at that time also struggled to live with hunger, also forced to resist the Jews. The bewilderment and tragedy, hopelessness, no one escapes from one page to another at regular intervals. Death in one way or another has sown some images with scary colors in his mind. Then you meet Liesel Meminger, who will warm your heart a bit. But do not be so mistaken that Liesel is a cute girl. Because Liesel is a very stubborn girl and (if need be) ready to use her fist at any time. But certainly Liesel is a very emotional girl and has a very different perspective on everything around. And the difference is made more evident by the intense love for the books and the more you will be drawn into Liesel’s adventures in the way she gets the books she treasures. Liesel actually had very few books because if you knew about Hitler’s propaganda back then there were so many good books and you would have been burned. Therefore, each book that Liesel owns is a separate story, a part of Liesel’s life. The journey for her to “steal” the books included a lot of curiosity, cunning and both the pain and warm affection. is part of Liesel’s life. The journey for her to “steal” the books included a lot of curiosity, cunning and both the pain and warm affection. is part of Liesel’s life. The journey for her to “steal” the books included a lot of curiosity, cunning and both the pain and warm affection.

Death notices that, and Death notices everything about Liesel. It is like the Lord of Death paying attention to everything that happens on earth. About each person’s life before Death came to them and about the bloody war that was going on. Liesel’s most cherished and loved bond with her adoptive father, Hans Hubermann. Hans Hubermann is truly a wonderful father. Hans is a patient person. There was a strange calm and gentleness in him. He never got angry at Liesel when she had nightmares and peed in bed every night, he always stayed with her until morning, patiently showing her every single German word. He makes wall painting work a serious, demanding, thorough and beautiful job full of love and art. Hans Hubermann, with silver eyes and warm hands with his fretboard. Hans Hubermann disliked any partisan, Hans Hubermann accepted a Jew to hide in his house, Max. And that is another story about him. Partly because of indebtedness to Max’s father during World War I. Without Max’s father perhaps he wouldn’t be here. Hans Hubermann, many may confuse his gentleness, composure into timidity and fear of death, but when necessary he can still be assertive and strong, loving Liesel with all his own rough, old features. yourself. And he knows, Liesel loves him more than anyone else in the world. The moments when the book is written about Hans and Liesel always give readers a very safe and peaceful feeling. Those are the details that make the gray and green color of the story more warm and loving.

In addition, Liesel has a special friendship different from Rudy, the neighbor’s blonde boy with a great admiration for Jesse Owens and in that era was quite special because Jesse Owens was an athlete. black skin. Rudy may have loved Liesel, a strange and incomprehensible love, maybe not. But what is certain is that Liesel is the boy’s biggest concern. And even though he had no idea what crazy thing she was doing, he was willing to accompany and keep her safe. Like last time she went to steal books at a local official’s house. The reader will be fascinated by Rudy’s stupid but extremely sincere. Rudy often had a joy that few could understand, including his father. In the midst of the cold air and the overwhelming despair of Heaven Street during that time, Rudy’s energy seems to be the only thing that signals that this place still has life, not just existence. Although his mind didn’t have as many strange thoughts as Liesel, Rudy somehow had many crazy concepts and definitions. Rudy had once put a coal on himself to pretend to be a black man running down the street in the cold Or all day long just to ask Liesel to kiss him. However, according to the story line, Rudy is becoming more and more mature, more cautious, and has taken more serious insights about everything around him and pondering his options. That’s when his courage and courage are shown to the fullest extent. It would be quite shocking that Rudy and Liesel in the end couldn’t spend the rest of their lives together. And that kiss was an obsession when Liesel had to say goodbye to Rudy.

And apart from the stories of everyday life in Heaven Street, another touching story about Max – a Jew took place in Liesel’s house. Perhaps needless to say, everyone knew at the time that the Jews were wanted and massacred by Nazi. And this is Germany, where you automatically assume to hate the Jews, where just showing any sympathetic act to the Jews will be punished by the Nazis not to mention hiding a Jew in his house and signing his death certificate. And all three Hubermanns had always lived in fearful days.

Max is a Jew. His whole life, until then, consisted of hiding and fear. Ever since Max moved to the Liesel house basement, there was an invisible wire between him and her between them. They share little but valuable words with each other, sharing images that still haunt them together, being together. Thanks to Liesel, Max is stronger, thanks to Max, Liesel’s heart is more loving and sympathetic. If Hans warms the book, then Max makes the book burn with emotions for the reader. The way Max completed the book to give to Liesel really touched the reader. Markus Zusak is very good at depicting images of characters. In the book there are many other characters that can leave many thoughts in your mind like Liesel’s adoptive mother, Hans’s wife – At first it will feel like she is a talkative woman, always shouting at Liesel and Hans, but the more the story later realized she was a mother, a wife who always silently loved and sacrificed for her family. And Hans knows it. And so is Liesel. Each person in the story brings his own suffering and obsession, and then they wrap together, forming bonds with each other. And the last note of Death always haunts me.

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