The Book of Accidents by Chuck Wendig ePub PDF download

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The Book of Accidents by Chuck Wendig ePub PDF

The Book of Accidents by Chuck Wendig ePub PDF free download – Ride the Lightning dmund Walker Reese was a man of numbers. Not an accountant, or a mathematician, but, rather, a man of simple interests, and it was here and now, in the Blackledge SCI—State Correctional Institution—that he sat strapped to an electric chair, running the numbers. Three guards walked him here. They passed seven other prisoners on Death Row, each in his own cell. There would be one executioner, too: an anonymous man who would throw the switch, the man who would end Edmund Reese. It was ten P.M. on a Tuesday. Second Tuesday in March, 1990. (Time, after all, was a number, too.) But there were details he did not yet know, and so he asked the older guard who was slitting Edmund’s prison jumper up the calf to make room for the electrodes.

(The leg had already been shaved that morning, right before Edmund Walker Reese —Eddie to his friends, of which he had none—ate his last meal, a simple bowl of wholesome chicken noodle soup.) The older guard, a man named Carl Graves, had sideburns so gray and wispy they were like bits of fog clinging to his jowls. (Though the top of his hair was dark, not yet taken by age and drained of color.) He was in his forties, maybe early fifties, it was hard to tell. A whiff of sourness on his breath: cheap whiskey, Walker thought. Carl was never drunk, not really, but he was always drinking. (Smoking, too, though here the whiskey seemed to mask the smell.) The drinking was why Graves always seemed to hover somewhere between weary and angry. But the whiskey made him honest, too, and that’s why Edmund liked him. As much as he could like anybody, anyway.

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