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Details about The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level

225 Pages – 2009 – 626 KB – 1,353 Downloads – English

The Big Leap PDF ePub free download by Gay Hendricks – Michael embraces every opportunity to grow, and his re- markable success is testimony to the power of that point of view. That’s the kind of openness to learning I’d like you to bring to our explorations together in this book. Michael Dell wasn’t born with his gift. None of us is. To get to that level of undefended openness to learning, we have to practice as diligently as a master skier or a master cel- list. To make the kind of leaps Michael Dell makes, we must practice a specifi c skill. That skill is to identify and transcend our Upper Limit, wherever and whenever we encounter it.

We will hone this skill ceaselessly throughout the book. As Michael and others now know, the Upper Limit Problem is the only problem we need to solve. They dedicated themselves to solving it and made the Big Leap. The results speak for themselves.

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