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The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity ePub PDF

The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity ePub PDF free download – The Basic Laws asserts that 1) there will always be more stupid people than you think; 2) the proportion of stupid people is invariant to intellectual, social or geographic segmentation. The ratio will be the same among Nobel Prize winners as it will be among a selection of tax accountants (except I am sure that there must be a higher prevalence among laureates of the pseudo-Nobel in economics). I will leave the remaining laws to avoid spoiling the read—this is a very short book. By the time my eyes reach the bottom right corner, and I realize this is not a joke, the following ideas pop into my head. First, the author has a formal axiomatic definition of what stupid means: someone who harms others without procuring any gain for himself or herself—in contrast to the much more predictable bandit who gains something from harming you. As such, stupid persons can cause a lot of damage—unlike bandits, they have no interest in the survival of the system because they do not benefit from their stupidity. Second, the laws here are real laws, as far as economic laws are concerned, no less rigorously obtained than Adam Smith’s three laws, the law of diminishing return, Okun’s law, or some such thing you forget about seconds after taking the final exam. (By contrast, I promise that you will remember Cipolla’s laws forever.)

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