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Details about The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley

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The Autobiography of Malcolm X – Malcolm’s composition of his social thoughts was clear and insightful if to some degree stunning to the white start, however generally perturbing in our discussion was Malcolm’s faith in Elijah Muham-distraught’s set of experiences of the causes of man, and in a hereditary hypothesis contrived to demonstrate the predominance of dark over white-a hypothesis staggering to me in its sheer craziness. After this first experience, I understood that there were two Malcolms-the private and the public individual. His public exhibitions on TV and at conference centers created a practically startling impact. His intractable marshaling of realities and his rationale had something of another logic, malicious in its power. He scared white TV crowds, destroyed his Negro adversaries, however, inspired an amazing reaction from Negro crowds. Numerous Negro adversaries, eventually, would not unveil any appearances on a similar stage with him. The grieved white crowds were confounded, upset, felt compromised. Some started to consider Malcolm abhorrent in essence. Malcolm spoke to the two most unique components in the Negro people group the discouraged mass and the cosmic system of Negro essayists and specialists who have blasted on the American scene in the previous decade. The Negro working class-the Negro “foundation”- loathed and dreaded Malcolm as much as he disdained it.

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