The Art and Science of Thread Lifting ePub PDF download

Book Name: The Art and Science of Thread Lifting: Based on Pinch Anatomy
Author: Bongcheol Kim, Seungmin Oh, Wonsug Jung
Publisher: Springer Singapore
ISBN-10: 978-981-13-0613-6,978-981-13-0614-3
Year: 2019
Pages: 267
Language: English
File size: 26 Mb
File format: PDF

The Art and Science of Thread Lifting: Based on Pinch Anatomy Pdf Book Description:

This publication is a thorough manual on the best way to carry out safe and effective thread-lifting procedures as a less invasive procedure of purge the facial skin. The opening chapters explain the worth of this fixation technique, describe the facial skin and the pinch human anatomy, and also discuss the qualities of absorbable threads. Apparent descriptions are then supplied of the basic procedure utilized for thread increasing, as well as techniques applicable for every single thread type and processes unique to every anatomic site.

Understanding is helped by the inclusion of a wealth of examples depicting human body and technique. Potential complications and their management have been clarified, together with a brand-new approach to result evaluation may also be released.


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